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Welcome to my blog...It's powered by gatsby so you know it is great!It got a very minimalistic desing on purpose, so you can focus on the content. I thought using gatsby for a simple blog would be an "overkill" as it's a quite powerful static site generator but it was another occasion to learn and oh boy did I learn! Now I can say I hate javascript even more and would like to have a word with the guy who thought the world needed graphql... Anyway, I actually run multiple blogs and this one right here is an attempt to centralize all this mess. I will therefore be writing exclusive tech-related (or not) articles here and cross-post SOME of them on my other blogging platforms, which are listed below (not very active yet)

And below is what I already started to write about:

Ah yes...most importantly for anyone who might actually come accross this, I am a terrible the worst you might ever heard of. What I am doing here is mostly trying to share what I learn and learn technical writing by doing so... I am quite open to constructive feedback so feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or if you find any mistakes. Also I am a somewhat busy guy so never expect consistency in my writing schedule (this is a freestyle! kek). I write how I feel and when I feel like it.

All posts/articles can be found here!

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